ChopiChop.com is a website that helps you get the best cashback deals from your favorite businesses, brands and stores. Cashback literally means getting cash back. Whenever you shop online through chopichop.com, we will give you some part of the money you spent back as cashback. Hence, you get extra savings whenever you shop through chopichop.com!

Physical stores and malls will be added soon, so that you can also earn cashback when you shop offline.


Our merchants/partners pay us commissions for referring you to shop on their website(s), but we decided to share the commissions with you instead of keeping them all to ourselves. You can also shop from foreign sites and your cashback earnings would be converted at great exchange rates and deposited into your chopichop.com wallet, which can now be withdrawn into your bank account.

Unlimited Savings on your Favorite Stores and Brands
You could easily earn hundreds of dollars or thousands of Naira every year

Try out a simple simulation below to see how much you could be earning/saving on your favorite stores.

If you spend:


On a brand with

% Cashback


Cashback you get:

₦ 60.00


Find and click on your favorite store and you will be redirected to the store’s detailed page.

When you click on “Shop Now”, you will be redirected to the store’s main website.

When you’re on the store’s site, shop as usual and make a purchase. We suggest that you turn off your Ad Blocking software if you have it turned on and that you stay on the redirected page until your purchase is complete, to ensure a successful cashback transaction.

After the purchase transaction is complete, come back to ChopiChop.com and enter the amount you spent on the retailer's or merchant's website by making using of the pop-up shopping trip form found on ChopiChop.com. You will also need to provide your receipt/order number, this will be used for tracking your transaction.

Alternatively, you could also make use of the REQUEST CASHBACK TAB found on the left side of your ChopiChop user account to request Cashback from us.

N/B: The pop-up shopping trip form lasts for 1 hour.

Your purchase will be placed under review for verification, and it will be approved or declined within 48 hours. If it approved, you will receive cashback in your ChopiChop account under the “Pending” tab.

Your cashback will become redeemable or “available” for withdrawal once your purchase has been validated and the affiliate commissions have been paid out by the merchant/retailer. This will take about 30-90 days, this is to ensure that there have been no order cancellation/return/exchange after the original purchase was made.

You can withdraw your cashback earnings once your “available” or redeemable cashback earning is up to ₦2000. Just click on “Get Paid” to withdraw your earnings. Cash out your cashback earnings to your PayPal or Bank account or donate it to any charity organization you want.

Cash out your Cashback to your PayPal or bank account:

Cashback earnings lower than ₦2000 can be exchanged for mobile recharge cards of equal value, or exchanged for other exciting vouchers that can be redeemed and used offline.

N/B: Bank transfer fees will be deducted from your earnings whenever it’s necessary. And bonuses can only be withdrawn when your redeemable cashback earnings reaches ₦2000.