Shop Assist

ShopAssist is an online shopping concierge service offered by We are basically shopping on behalf of any online shopper that do not have access to credit cards, or for those that have credit cards with small limits, those that can't access the website of foreign retailers, and for those that are experiencing other card or payment issues, etc.

How ShopAssist Works:

  1. Visit your favorite online store and browse as usual. Once you find what you want, just copy the link to the specific item. Please make sure that the online retailer has lots of the item in stock, to avoid any confusion or disappointments.
  2. Send the product link for your item to us via email to We will review the item and send you an invoice that will contain the equivalent of the total cost (original cost of the item + shipping fee + tax if applicable and our own service fee) of the item in Naira.
  3. Pay the amount of the invoice into our bank account. The account info is listed below:
    • BANK NAME: Diamond Bank
    • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0095377547
  4. ShopAssist will collect any other additional info (like your house address) from you and the item will be purchased. Afterwards, we will alert you ASAP and will tell you when your item will arrive. If for any reason the delivery of your item is being delayed or have exceeded the expected time of arrival, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to rectify any delivery/shipping issues, etc.
  5. We will also make sure we shop via your account (with your permission, of course), so that you can earn cashback whenever you use ShopAssist to buy things online, and also if it happens that is an affiliate partner of the foreign retailer/site.